Some puppies may not be old enough to have all their vaccinations when boarding.  We require vaccinations to be current with their age.  We put these young boarders in a "puppy isolation" area during boarding and to a different area for play time.  This decreases the chance of spreading diseases to your newest family member. Please call with any puppy questions.

Making a Reservation

Once you have decided when you need to board your dog and where you would like your dog placed within our facility, please give us a call at (208) 888-3439 to make a reservation. Things we will need to know in order to make a reservation are:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your pets name, size, breed, and gender
  • The best phone number to reach you
  • ​Pets vaccination records and the vet your dog visits
  • ​If your dog have any medication or medical condition
  • Dates of stay and enclosure request

What to Bring

Please bring your dog on a collar and leash.  We will keep the collar and leash for easy pick up.  We provide clean bedding and toys.  We also provide Science Diet Maintenance food for all of our guests, but if your pet is on a special diet, please bring enough food for your pets stay, labeled with their name.  If your pet is on medication, please bring the labeled container with enough medication for the complete stay plus extra in case your plans change unexpectedly.


Getting the right place for your pet can seem a little tricky.  Here is a quick guide to the information that you need to know for your reservation.  These are the typical questions that we ask; feel free to call with any other questions you may have.  

 The following questions will be asked when you call to make a reservation for your dog.  

Multiple Dogs 

Must be of the same family and can stay together in certain locations, or in close proximity of each other.

Discounts are given for family pets staying together with us.

Please call with any questions at (208) 888-3439


Large Dogs

​         Crate...........................$20.00

                LG: 2.5'W x 4'L x 32"H

​                   XL: 35"W x 4.5'L x 45"H


                3.5'W x 7.5'L


Medium Dogs

​         Large Compartment...........$14.00

                 34"W x 28"L x 34"H


​                 LG: 2.5' W x 4'L x 32"H

                    XL: 35"W x 4.5'L x 45"H

Small Dogs

         Small Compartment..........$12.00 

​                22"W x 28"L x 22" H

           Large Compartment..........$14.00

                34"W x 28"L x 34"H

Vaccination Requirements 

  • Current Rabies
  • Current DHPP
  • Current Bordatella
  • Current Canine Influenza

Proof of current vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian must be given to Pet Inn Place.  We do not accept owner given vaccinations. 


Choosing the perfect location for your dog

             Each price is charged per dog per night



General Dog Information
The dogs in our care go outside three to four times a day for supervised exercise and play time with our trained staff.  Every afternoon our canine guests have specialized individual play time with high school students in our fully fenced play yard.  We do not offer group play, but we will take members of the same family outside together.

    Our facility is temperature controlled and the runs and compartments are cleaned and sanitized daily with a deep clean between pets in each enclosure.  Our staff is trained to monitor and observe your loved one for any abnormalities and concerns during their stay with us.   

    If for any reason your pet requires medical attention of any kind during their stay, we will make every effort to contact you and your preferred veterinarian first.  If we are unable to contact your designated veterinarian, we will contact the veterinarians at the Meridian Veterinary Hospital.  Any charges associated from such visit are the responsibility of the pet's owner.  

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