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General Cat Information

      Our specifically designated cat room features both Condos and Compartments in order to make both outgoing and bashful kitties comfortable.  Our cat room has a "No Dogs Allowed" policy so your cat will feel safe and secure, as well as comfortable when they are let out to play with our staff, or to simply lounge around our secure cat room.  We do not offer group play, but will allow members of the same family to be in the room together.  

      Our facility is temperature controlled and the condos and compartments are cleaned and sanitized daily, with a deep clean between pets in each enclosure.  Our staff is trained to monitor and observe your loved one for any abnormalities and concerns during their stay with us.   
      If for any reason your pet requires medical attention of any kind during their stay, we will make every effort to contact you and your preferred veterinarian first.  If we are unable to contact your designated veterinarian, we will contact the veterinarians at the Meridian Veterinary Hospital.  Any charges associated from such visit are the responsibility of the pet's owner.  


Multiple Cats

We now have double cat condos available where multiple cats from one family can reside within a single condo.  


Making a Reservation

​Once you have decided when you need to board your cat and where you would like your cat placed within our facility, please give us a call at (208) 888-3439 to make a reservation. Things we will need to know in order to make a reservation are:

  • ​Your first and last name
  • Your pets name and gender
  • The best phone number to reach you
  • ​Pet vaccination records and the vet your cat visits
  • ​If your cat has any medication or medical condition
  • Dates of stay and enclosure request

Cat Condo

What to bring?

All you need to bring when your come to board your pet is your cat and its carrier.  Pets are provided with clean bedding and toys.  You are more than welcome to bring anything else that you feel will make your cat as comfortable as possible.  We also provide Science Diet Maintenance food for all of our guests, but if your cat is on a special diet, please bring enough food for the entire time your pet is with us.  If your pet is on medication, please bring the labeled container with enough medication for the complete stay plus extra in case your plans change unexpectedly.  


Cat Compartment............................$14.00

          22"W x 22"H x 28"L

Cat Condo.....................................$17.00

        22"W x 48"H x 35.5"L

Double Cat Condo ...........................$15.00

     (minimum of double occupancy)       

          22"W x 74"H x 35.5"L

Choosing the perfect location for your cat
             Each price charged is per cat per night

 The following questions will be asked when you call to make a reservation for your cat. 

Getting the right place for your cat can seem a little tricky.  Here is a quick guide to the information that you need to know for your reservation.  These are the typical questions that we ask; feel free to call with any other questions you may have.  




Vaccination Requirements

  • Felv (Feline Leukemia)
  • Rabies

​Proof of current vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian must be given to the Pet Inn Place.  We do not accept owner given vaccinations.