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New Vaccination Policy

Based on the recommendation of the Idaho Veterinary Medical Association and the Meridian Veterinary Hospital the Pet Inn Place will be requiring the Canine Influenza Virus vaccine for all dogs entering our facility beginning 

March 1st 2018

How long does my pet stay in their kennel?

One of the perks to our job is playing outside with your dog.  Each dog goes outside to play a minimum of three times a day to use the bathroom, play, and stretch their legs in our fenced-in yard.  Dogs can go outside with members of their family but never with other pets.  Many days dogs go outside more than three times a day.  Our cats are given time outside their kennel and are allowed to roam within our fun cat room.

What if my pet has medication?

Under the direction of the Meridian Veterinary Hospital, the Pet Inn Place staff is trained to administer medication orally, topically, as well as specific training for giving insulin injections.  Medications must be brought in the original package with a clear, original label with administration instructions.  There is a small fee for medications due to the extra training and time required. 


A Brief History and 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Brief History of the Pet Inn Place 

The Pet Inn Place was founded in December of 2007 after the Meridian Veterinary Hospital opened their new hospital building.  At that time the previous hospital building was retrofitted and the Pet Inn Place was born with the purpose to take care of pets as a boarding facility and provide different pet inspired retail. Our staff strives to provide a high quality standard of animal care and safety for all of our boarders, under the direction of Dr. Higer, DVM at the Meridian Veterinary Hospital.

Pet Inn Place Today

Our business works to provide training and job skills for high school students.  We also work with Meridian High School in their Animal Science class in the Professional Technical Education Center by giving students hands on animal experience in many different areas of the animal care industry.  

The Pet Inn Place specifically works with dogs and cats, but welcomes some exotic pets.  We offer a wide variety of accommodations and services for your pets while you are away.  If you have any questions about our services please call us at (208) 888-3439.  

Why do you have such strict vaccination policies? 

Our biggest concern about your pet is their safety.  We have a strict vaccination policy for all pets for this very reason.  Certain vaccinations may not be as potent for the entire vaccination length, so we require proof of these vaccinations administered by a licensed Veterinarian. 

Can I bring my pet's possessions?

Here are some of our recommendations:


We encourage you to bring your pet's food for their visit, especially if your pet is on a special diet. Please make sure you bring enough food for the entire visit and label the container.  This can help your pet to have less digestive issues due to a change in food and encourages your pet to continue their normal eating behavior.  If you choose not to bring your pet's own food, we provide Science Diet Adult Maintenance kibble. 

Bedding and Toys You can bring your own toys and bedding for your pet.  We strive to make your pets stay as comfortable and fun as possible.  Some dogs react differently to being in a new environment and may take awhile to adjust to new surroundings. We provide bedding, toys, bowls, everything for your pet if you don't wish to bring your own. If you bring your own bedding there is a chance that it won't fit in your pet's area.  If a pet gets their blanket or bed dirty, we do wash the item, so please make sure these items are machine washable.  A word of caution, some dogs tend to tear up blankets and bedding when in a new environment.  We do not guarantee the safe return of any belongings at the end of your pet's stay.  We will try our best to return your pet's possessions to you in the best shape possible. Toys are allowed but will only remain with the pet while supervised in order to maintain their safety.   


We recommend that you do not bring your pet's bowls and dishes.  We have specific bowls for our pets that fit in certain holders that correspond with the pet's area.  We make sure all animals have water at all times.  

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